Escape game The School of Wizardry

Company: The Escapologist


Upper level White Rose Shopping centre, Leeds LS11 8LU ()

0113 512 2904

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Oh No! TheProfessor needs your help! The professor protected you from a wild troll attacking the school grounds and now he is injured and unable to move. You are unable to lift him without causing him too much pain and decide to find some help. Before you can do this, he stops you and insists you find his special medicine first. He tells you the medicine is hidden in his classroom and he NEEDS it before night falls or he will become ‘extremely ill’. He also tells you to give the medicine to his owl who will bring the vial to him once you have found it. You feel the professor is keeping something hidden from you, but after he persists you decide to do as he has asked. You are now in Professor Lupus’ classroom and have an hour until the sun sets. You don’t know where the medicine is, what it is for, or what it looks like, but you must get it to the professor before night falls! Hurry!

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