Escape game Viking

Company: Extremescape


Stanley Hall Farm, Stanley Hall Lane, Disley SK12 2JX ()

07789 181151

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You have entered the Kingdom of the Viking Gods & you are sat in the House of Thor
In an attempt to prevent Thor’s succession to the throne of Asgard, Lowki, Thor’s menacing brother, has stolen & trapped Thor’s weapon in the golden rings of Aesir.
The ice giants have got word of this, and they know Thor is helpless to protect the human race without his enchanted war-hammer.
The giants are on there way, there mission to defeat Thor and destroy earth.
You must find the Gods and return them to Asgard as they will help you in you quest.
You must find the thunder hammer and put it in the sacred place to create a storm like no-one has seen before.
You must release Thor’s Hammer from the golden rings and return it to Thrudheim where it belongs If you fail you will be the first to die
The giants are coming, you have 75 minutes to return the hammer

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