Escape game The Secret Society

Company: The Panic Room


25a, St. George's Centre, Gravesend DA11 0TB ()

01474 340255

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“Welcome one and all, I see you’ve received our special invitations. As you know the Order of the Bright Eyes is accepting new members, but we only have room for a handful of new members. Since you were all able to decipher the invitation and arrive here we have a series of ciphers and challenges ready for you prepared by members from the past century.

Solve these before your peers and you will be welcome as the newest members of the Order. Fail… and we may need to take certain actions to make sure you don’t remember certain events from tonight.”

This is an incredibly fun and engaging 45-minute team-building experience that is scalable from 4 players all the way up to 400 players. Your guests will be split into groups of 4-6 players, each vying for the glory of being the first team to be accepted into the society. There are even bonus puzzles for the best and brightest!

Completely mobile and can be transported anywhere!

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