Escape game Marvelous Magic School

Company: The Panic Room


25a, St. George's Centre, Gravesend DA11 0TB ()

01474 340255

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The Panic Room Gravesend is proud to present our brand new family friendly escape room experience ‘Marvellous Magic School’

You and your friends are a determined group of wizards seeking to help out a friend. You see… they and their twin were snooping in the headmaster’s office, and accidentally triggered a hex! Their twin has been turned into an owl! Even worse, the professor locked them in a cage while he’s still looking for your friend. But, with a bit of luck, we can set their twin free before the professor figures out who it is!

Your stern professor is due back into his office in 75 minutes, just enough time to sneak in and use his transfiguration cabinet but ofcourse…It’s never that easy!

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