Escape game North Pole Panic

Company: The Panic Room


25a, St. George's Centre, Gravesend DA11 0TB ()

01474 340255

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“It’s just before Christmas, here in our workshop.
Surround by presents, but production has stopped!

The elves disappeared, leaving bare a trace.
It seems they left padlocks, all over the place!

So we need your help, the situation is manic.
There’s one thing to say, just remember…Don’t Panic!”

A truly festive experience for children of all ages. Celebrate everyone’s favourite holiday season with a magical escape room experience found only at The Panic Room Gravesend. It’s never too early for a bit of merriment and joy!


North Pole Panic 2 comes with 2 changeable difficulty levels: “Naughty” and “Nice”.

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