Escape game Defective Detective

Company: The Panic Room


148-150 Milton Rd Gravesend DA12 1DP ()

01474 340255

Access via: The Grove (Rear Of Wing Lee)

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A body has been found in the Panic apartment room 402! The victim: Daniel Cox. Cause of death: Unknown. The private dick that took the case – Richard Insmouth – hasn’t got the best track record. He’s probably come to the completely wrong conclusion! What a cop-out! Can you solve the case of the Defective Detective?

One of our most popular games to date is alive and kicking, even if the victim isn’t. Gather your own team of detectives, sneak and sleuth your way around the crime scene and watch out for red herrings! You’ll need to solve who the real killer was before an innocent person goes to jail for life!

Quite possibly one of the most ridiculous investigations you might find yourself on in this completely disorganised crime. Expect lots of laughs and surprises along the way! This is one you really won’t want to miss!

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