Escape game Operation Mastermind

Company: The Panic Room


148-150 Milton Rd Gravesend DA12 1DP ()

01474 340255

Access via: The Grove (Rear Of Wing Lee)

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Operation Mastermind pits you against the clock in a very important escape room mission.

You will need to solve a series of bombings and shootings in the city. We believe a rogue operative is behind these attacks and intends to strike again, this cannot happen!

We need you and your team to find out 3 crucial pieces of information:

The Weapon
The Co-ordinates
The identity of the rogue operative
Operation Mastermind is an incredible 60 minute team building experience on a large scale like no other for 40-100 players.

Completely mobile and can be transported anywhere, the only question is…will you accept the mission?

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