Escape game Jack the Ripper

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Prepare to step back in time to the eerie streets of Victorian London and embark on a chilling adventure to solve one of history’s most notorious mysteries. Enter the dark and gloomy streets of Whitechapel, where the infamous Jack the Ripper terrorised the city. Your mission is to discover his true identity.

You will be provided with a dossier of the suspects’ names by the finest officers of Scotland Yard, your job is to determine their movements during this harrowing time. With only 60 minutes before the next murder, you must carefully examine clues, solve puzzles and gather evidence to eliminate suspects one by one until you uncover the true face of evil. Unearth hidden secrets, decipher cryptic messages and analyse evidence to untangle the web of horror and deception woven by the elusive Ripper.

Can you hold on to your nerves as you encounter unexpected jumps, twists and turns? Will you be able to put the pieces together and unmask Jack the Ripper before time runs out? Or will you be his next victim…

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