Escape game Area 51

Company: Escape Experience Windsor


15A Goswell Hill, Windsor SL4 1RH ()

+44 1753 581158

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The year is 2020. You have snuck into Windsor Great Park, after dark, to camp overnight.
What began as a mischievous night of fun takes a mysterious turn.
In the night you are woken by dogs barking, flashing lights and people shouting. You leave your tent to investigate, and spot a UFO disappearing into the distance and alien-like figures in the woods.
Bewildered by what you have witnessed, you begin to stumble back to your tent when an armed military van races towards you. Several men jump out, wrestle you into the van and you have no further memories of that night.
Now, you have woken up in a small room, and understand you must escape before you are silenced for what you have witnessed…

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