Escape game Conspiracy: Agenda 21

Company: Incarcerated - Cryptology Swindon


166 Victoria Rd, Old Town, Swindon SN1 3BU ()

01793 523902

The closest car park to us in Regent Circus, just off Victoria Road. We are less than a minutes walk up the road

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There are too many people on the planet! The great reset is coming! The Conspiracy Theorist has been releasing YouTube videos for months, but this time he's taking action. He's found something suspicious about the UN Research Facility in Northwood, but before he can tell you his plan of action the stream is cut off. Was it all a joke? Fast forward 6 months and you receive an official looking letter. It's a formal summons from the government, to the research facility. They claim it's for security checks but what's really going on? In Conspiracy: Agenda 21 your team are locked up for witnessing government secrets about a nefarious plot to control the global population. They've locked you up and you've got 60 minutes to escape. The game sets a mildly oppressive environment with low lighting and sound effects, there are also some pretend gore elements but the game is not trying to scare the players. Cryptic messages, electronic gadgets and a science theme keep things exciting, are you up for the challenge.

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