Escape game Professor Douglas and The Seeds of Change

Company: Be-Wild-Er


Stowe by Chartley, Stafford, Staffordshire ST18 0LA ()


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Professor Raymond Douglas has cultivated a powerful plant that will change the world. Food supplies, fuel and fertilising will be forever altered for the better. But there are always those that desire to control such power for their own ends, not for the greater good and they’ve almost tracked him down. So he’s hidden its seeds on a campsite deep in the Staffordshire countryside.
Exposed to air they will quickly deteriorate, rendering them non-viable. The Professor has left a series of clues and a controlled seed deposit box linked to his trusted friend. You have to locate the seeds. They must be sited in the box within 60 minutes so that their structure and nuclear DNA sequence can be maintained by a specialist enzyme. Solve the clues, recover the seeds, ensure their continued existence and entrust their benefits to everyone.

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