Escape game A Curious Inheritance

Company: ClueCapers


1 The Broadway Winchester SO23 9BE ()

01962 870793

Upper Floors

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Disaster is afoot at ClueCapers! Professor Buff-Hoon Smith has taken a well earned holiday. But, without his expertise, our portals are becoming increasingly unstable!

A curious object owned by the professor seems to link to a new universe, but what is its significance?
Is there any way to prevent total portal dislocation?
Has the professor really travelled as far away as we think?

ClueCapers is urgently seeking technical assistants to stabilise our inter-dimensional portals. If you have expertise in thinking out of this world, observing the almost obvious or being bold with your logical leaps then we have a puzzling job for you! Contact us to travel to the most peculiar of museum galleries and maybe discover the nature of a very curious inheritance.

It’s weird, it’s wonderful and it’s definitely interactive – might it be art?

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