Escape game The Reactor

Company: Escape Challenge Redditch


Unit 6a Kingfisher Shopping Centre, Redditch, Worcestershire, B97 4HJ ()


Next door to WH Smiths and Vision Express near to Debenhams - Closest Carpark is Carpark 2

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With electricity at an all time high power stations have been running at maximum to meet demand putting a strain on systems, maintenance and engineering at plants across the country. Over worked and under paid staff have done what they can to keep things running but on one dark and frightful day it’s too late! The core is just an hour away from meltdown and staff evacuated before having chance to activate the shutdown . With no staff at the helm and a risk of the core overheating a brave or foolish team are required to get into the control room to shut down the reactor and save the day before its too late.

Do you have what it takes to shutdown the reactor in 1 hour?

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