Escape game Operation Slimeworth

Company: The Escapologist


Colorado Way, Castleford WF10 4TA ()

01977 801684

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The world’s Greatest Double agent just pulled off the world’s best Double cross And you were the Target! As a Heist of unimaginable proportions comes calling, you thought you couldn’t do it alone, even with your elite team beside you. You needed help. You needed the best there is. You needed Francis Slimeworth. As ruthless as they come, and twice as good as the rest in the field. But you forgot the most important question of them all: could you trust him? The answer, it seems, is no. In the heat of the moment, at the height of the heist, Slimeworth made off with the loot – and not just his share. Yours too! So with your Team assembled it’s time to go head-to-head with the best in the business and beat him at his own game, break into his private vault, steal back the loot and slip out unnoticed… It’s time to act as you undertake… Operation Slimeworth: A Heist too Far!

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