Escape game Bizzarro Quest[Closed]

Company: Escape Rooms Plymouth


30-34 George Place, Stonehouse, Plymouth, Devon PL1 3NY ()

07545 346755

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Step into an intoxicating world of bizarreness. Can you make your way out in under 60 minutes? Can you make head or tale of up or down? This fun, crazy game will be sure to test your wits but bamboozle your senses as it does.
Who can play?
Step away from family trips to the cinema, we dare you to lock yourselves in this room for 60 minutes. Help Granny find the key, watch Dad falter over cracking combination codes – it’s all fun and games… until someone gets locked in!
Cast aside the benches and rope; this is a modern way of team building in Plymouth. Working together to find clues and solve puzzles to release you and your team. Note: it’s much better if there is more than one team, because after all, getting in a quicker time than the IT department is always so satisfying!
Throw out the novelty straws, who needs them? When you hens and stags can play together in a topsy-turvy, adrenaline fuelled quest to escape. After sinking some bubbly you may find that all those combinations and riddles become double, but then doesn’t that make it all the more hilarious?

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