Escape game The Warehouse[Closed]

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A lethal virus has been rapidly spreading on the Earth, and an enormous number of people have fallen victim to it. Wherever it may appear, there is very little chance for survival…

The following story is one of the unresolved issues of history: The British Army invented a panacea, a vaccine which can boost the immune system of the human body so it will resist any kind of virus or pathogen. But the government prohibited its publicity: the vaccine could be used just in case of emergency, it must not prevent natural selection. The vaccine is hidden in this secret warehouse which you discovered accidentally, while you were trying to find sanctuary.

The legend of the miracle has been familiar to you, but you had questions about it before you found the secret door to the Warehouse. But now you don’t have questions anymore, because the virus will spread to this place as well and maybe you will catch it, too… unless you can find the miracle vaccine.