Escape game Pandora’s Escape

Company: City Mazes

Average Rating:

4.0 / 5

2 reviews


Unit 5 Ozone Leisure Park, Grenoble Road, Oxford OX4 4XP ()

01865 920900

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Take a look beyond the highly scrubbed surface and you might find an escape into an alternate world. Where music and lights are there to immerse you and make you unaware of the universe in which all possession once belonged. Suddenly, the assets which people may have longed for become redundant, and all you are left with are the senses you were born with.

Pandora's Escape takes you into a space where no matter how much money is in the bank, or how many trinkets you own, all you need is your mind in order to get away from the facade, into the dream space, and out the other side.