Escape game Guilty?!

Company: National Justice Museum


National Justice Museum, High Pavement, Nottingham NG1 1HN ()

0115 952 0555

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It’s 1831 in Nottingham. King George IV died the previous year and King William IV is yet to be crowned, triggering the dissolving of parliament and a general election that leaves the city on the brink of riots. The Reform Bill leads to civil disturbances across the country when The House of Lords blocks a motion by parliament to give more men the vote than just nobility and landowners.

You find yourself in Nottingham’s Narrowmarsh, a cramped, smelly slum rife with criminal activity. The local constable has found you at the site of a Reform Bill riot where a local pub was set ablaze. You have been accused of a crime - if found guilty, the punishment is hanging.

Over the course of an hour, you and your team will move through our Grade II* listed Georgian museum, from the slums of Narrowmarsh, the exercise yard, and the gaol. Solve puzzles, and gather your evidence before deciding – will you stand trial and try to prove your innocence, or will you try to escape your fate?

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