Escape game Dreamscape

Company: Cryptology

Average Rating:

5.0 / 5

3 reviews


107 Upper Parliament Street Nottingham NG1 6LA ()

07804 910729

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Dr. Lucy Dee set about attempting to conquer the art of lucid dreaming. She has become lost in her own dreamscape and we have asked you, and your esteemed colleagues, to unravel her troubles and step into her shoes… or should we say head?

Your team must navigate through her dreams and unlock and find the Dream Keys to help recover Lucy from The Void.

You tune into her brainwaves and enter freefall, the world around you has morphed into view. All has become random and uncontrollable, will you rescue Lucy from her thoughts so she is able to finish her milestone research?

It’s time for a nap of epic proportions.

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