Escape game The Forsaken

Company: Trapp'd


50 Angel Ln Wellingborough NN8 4LA ()

01933 429333

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Esme had always been a little…. odd, but that was what made you all such good friends. Recently however she had gone from being the eccentric, outgoing girl to a suspicious, shy recluse. Her behaviour so bizarre it appeared the Esme you once knew had become a distant memory. Fearing for her safety you take it upon yourself to discover why your friend has become a ghost of her former self and decide to follow her one evening, hoping to uncover something to bring her back to her senses.

Following at a steady pace, careful not to be seen, you make the trip across town and towards the tall, abandoned church. Watching from afar you see her adorn a dark, hooded robe and descend into the cellar below. Your head tells you to run, but your heart confirms your actions, knowing you cannot leave your friend to what awaits her in the darkness. Sneaking silently and peeking through the keyhole of a large, ancient door you see what is only dreamt of in nightmares.

Twelve hooded figures chant something in an unrecognisable language, stood in a large circle around your friend who lays helplessly on a pentagram carved into the floor and stained with blood. Candles and dried flowers scattered around her limp body signalling that she is the next sacrificial lamb. Fear grips you, you know you must get Esme away from this sick cult before she is lost forever.

Are you willing to risk your own life to save your friend’s soul?

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