Escape game NEBULA

Company: Adrenaline Escape


8 Market St, Wigan WN1 1JN ()

01942 932 111

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You were caught, red handed…your cry of innocence ignored…it was you…case closed! Known only as The Ghost, the world was appalled by your crimes. Most of all by abusing your position of trust as police officers to become kidnappers and cold-blooded murderers, sentenced to life imprisonment!

You will be the first inmates of NEBULA - a new prison of the future, built in space by NASTA to hold the worst of the worst, far away from anyone else.

It’s time for you to board the NEBULA3436 Transportation Vessel on your 60-minute journey to begin a life sentence in space. As you prepare to board your one-way flight, you receive an anonymous message; someone can help prove your innocence…

Your only hope of freedom is to launch the escape pod and return to Earth. Succeed and you have a chance to walk free. Fail to make your escape and NEBULA will be your final frontier!

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