Escape game Flight 338

Company: The Riddle Within

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5.0 / 5

3 reviews


338 Boord St Greenwich Peninsula, London SE10 0PF ()


Based in Studio 338, Greenwich Peninsula

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After years on the straight and narrow, your past has finally come back to haunt you. Once one of the most feared gang in the USA, responsible for some of the most audacious and daring robberies in the countries history, the time has mellowed your crew and retirement has been pretty uneventful That is until a shadowy figure from your 'less law-abiding days' reappears to take revenge You have been framed, found guilty, sentenced and given your shady past that sentence is a tough one. Life to be exact.
Life in one of the world's highest security prisons. So now you find yourselves thrust back together with the old faces. Faces you last saw obscured by balaclavas and in the midst of a high-speed pursuit many years ago....faces that bring back memories of the old ways. Old ways you will need more than ever if you are to escape into the sunset and finally disappear You are being readied for transportation on board prisoner shipping plane: Flight 338, but there is one member of the gang they didn't find. He has caused a disruption at the airstrip and left some things on board which you might just find useful, but is everything quite as it seems?
The Riddle within brings you the world's first-ever escape room which takes place on a real-life plane! Find the clues, solve the puzzles, overcome the obstacles and work together with your loyal crew to make good your getaway, there isn't much time

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