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The old folk-tales of the Salem Witch Trials of 1692, echoed through your head as you pack up your things. You had learnt recently about the horrific events that happened all the way back in 1692. Where villagers believed In the damnation of all woman who was proven to be a witch. Through ghastly trials and hysteria, hundreds of innocent woman were trialled and killed for the use of witchcraft in the villages of Salem. Tales of possession, haunting and madness spread and it is now believed that Salem is the home to all the spirits who died, all that time ago, but one woman in particular Marjorie Sutton, is to be seen at midnight of the witching hour, in her old home, which is now just an abandoned shack in the middle of Salem forest. You’re not one to believe in superstition but it soon became a story of interest and before you know it you begin to feel destined to uncover the truth about Marjorie. Your eyes flash open and before you know it, you're on the road with your giggling friends on the way to the Salem.

The road trip was long, tiring and rain started to patter down on the windscreen 20 minutes before you reached the heart of Salem, Massachusetts. Questions started to fill your thoughts. Is this real? Is it all nonsense? Will we see anything? But even with all your doubts, you and your friends finally make it to the abandoned cabin and set up for the long night ahead. You feel your way through the dark, to get familiar with the space surrounding you. Candles and torches emerge from your friend’s backpacks and soon the dingy little cabin starts to illuminate with the flickers of the flames.

You can hear the trees whispering around you outside the cabin, when feelings of dread and fear start to creep up on you. You stumble across a large, dusty book in the corner which read “The Book of The Damned.” Within the circle on the damp, dirty floor, you flick through the book. It seems to be a diary or maybe a record of all the poor souls taken too soon from the earth. As time ticks by, strange things begin to unfold. Candles extinguish on their own whilst floorboards creak as if someone else was here with you. Cackling laughter surrounds the cabin as confusion hits home and you begin to question yourself. You try to convince yourself that it must just be the trees dancing in the rain, the wind blowing out the candles. You couldn't be more wrong. A huge scream echoes throughout the cabin as the book starts flicking through pages, eventually stopping on one page. We read slowly “Marjorie Sutton, can resurrect and take a human form on the night of the witching hour, where the power of the spirits is at its highest. She must claim a human soul and from there she may rise and wreak havoc over Salem.” Frozen, you look up and stare into the blood-red eyes of none other than Marjorie Sutton, pointing a long, bony finger at you. This is the moment, the moment you realised it was all true. The spirits and voices are overwhelmingly loud as you scramble your way through the house. It is you. It is your soul she had to claim and the only way to escape was to destroy `The Book of The Damned` and leave Salem behind.

You have 60 minutes until the witching hour is at its strongest and your soul will be stolen from within you. Your body inhabited by an ancient spirit whose vengeance on the town of Salem was at an almighty high. Destroy the book, flee the cabin and NEVER look back. It seems easier said than done, but work together and you may survive. Witches are real, and their vengeance is the most terrifying and powerful form of torture you could ever

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