Escape game The Asylum

Company: Tick Tock Unlock


1 King St Leeds LS1 2HH ()

+44 (0)113 345 4567

Third Floor, Kings House

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Once a beacon for the psychiatric elite, Thornhill Asylum fell into ruin in the late 1940s after a tragic and mysterious fire claimed the lives of most of its occupants. Over the years many investors have been interested in buying the property, but all were driven away. Some claimed they’d heard voices calling to them from behind closed doors, others swore that they’d seen spirits roaming the halls, there was even talk of an unexplained fatal accident. Of course, all of these stories are just that; fiction. Our company has bought the property and intend to refurbish it into luxury accommodation. However, our building work had only just started when we knocked through a wall and uncovered a secret chamber that wasn’t on any of the official floorplans.

It’s up to you to explore what lies inside this hidden room. But beware, some secrets are meant to stay buried.


Please note this experience takes place at the secret location near Leeds train station and will not be suitable for those under the age of 15. A scare actor can be added for an additional £25 (if you dare). Details of the meeting point will be e-mailed to you once you’ve booked.

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