Escape game The Chapel of Unrest

Company: Locked In Games


2 Chapeltown Road Leeds LS7 3AP ()

0113 318 6018

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After spending the day exploring the overgrown path in the woods, you’ve found yourselves lost. Just as you’re about to resign yourself to the ice-cold night, you spot it. An unkempt path leading to a foreboding building. With no other shelter in sight, you make your way there. But before your eyes can adjust to the interior, the door shuts behind you with a resounding slam.

St Josephine’s Chapel has been derelict since 1887. Rumour has it, the last ceremony to take place here never did. Lady Eliza Braithwaite left her life of luxury for love. The priest was due to officiate their marriage in secret. As she eagerly awaited Henry Turner’s arrival, he never came. and every day until the day she died, she would visit the chapel in hopes of reuniting with her lost love once more. Now, her ghost roams amongst its ruins. Can you lay the haunted bride to rest and free yourself from her clutches? Or will supernatural powers take hold of this sacred place forever?

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