Escape game Follow in my Footsteps

Company: Kanyu


South Lodge, Moor End, Wetherby LS23 6ER ()

0113 468 2477

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Out of the blue you receive a letter from Farnsbarns, Grommit and Sedge, solicitors to the aristocratic Cunningham family. The letter says you have been identified as a distant relation of the last of the family, Sir Henry Cunningham.
Sir Henry was a strange, reclusive character who is rumoured to have unearthed an amazing secret during his travels in Africa.
The letter invites you to the mysterious South Lodge, which is all that remains of the once grand estate of the Cunningham family. There Sir Henry has left challenges that you must overcome to prove yourself worthy of being considered an heir.
Can you follow the trail of clues in Sir Henry’s old study, solve the puzzles and overcome the challenges to learn something of his amazing discovery and prove yourself a worthy heir? You have an hour to succeed.

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