Escape game Party Room

Company: The Room

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5.0 / 5

2 reviews


Address: 35 Bath Street, G2 1HW, Glasgow, UK ()

0141 237 1960

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Want to have a birthday party like never before? Want to be part of an adventure? Are you between 10 and 16? Well then, sign up for this: The Royal Scottish Secret Service recruit young super agents for highly classified team operations. Code name of the project is "Agent 006". Applicants go through multiple skill and ability test trials, to prove that they are an absolute fit for profile, and they are ready to start their service full of secrets and challenges. The Recruitment Officer, aka J. Bond will be monitoring the trial and will intervene when needed, or asked to. Young Agents in the making must draw on their skills, judgements and wits as time runs out and the moment of truth approaches. Who prevails will be rewarded, those who fall shall (not) be remembered...