Escape game Bitter Sweet

Company: Locked In

Average Rating:

5.0 / 5

1 review


390 93 Hope St Glasgow G2 6LD ()

07849987449; 01412488862

5th floor

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Brave explorers, you have come out on a rescue mission to save all the victims of the Sweetie House Witch.
Sadly even you couldn’t resist the temptation of her delicious looking cabin.
After locking up one of your friends she vanished in a puff of sugary smoke.
You now have only one hour to save your friend…
Find where the witch is hiding and defeat her for good to save the poor souls trapped here in the woods.
Remember, fairy tales of Old tell us that a crystal ball can determine our fate.
What they don’t tell you: you can change what lies ahead.
All you need to do is burn the crystal ball into dust!

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