Escape game The Darker Side of Edinburgh

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The Darker Side of Edinburgh is a game based around the history and legends of Edinburgh. Edinburgh is a city with a dark past. There was the thievery of Deacon Brodie who was actively living a double life. The body snatching and murders of Burke and Hare provided bodies for Dr Knox and his experiments. There are also the mysterious stories of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde. All of these relate to the Darker Side of Edinburgh. Situated in a city centre basement you will need all your wits about you if you are going to Escape in the 60 minute time limit. Locked away under the guise of learning about the city’s history, you must now get in touch with the dark history of “Auld Reekie” in order to get the clues to escape. Can you recognise the hints and clues given and translate them into success? Does your team possess the skills to find the final key? Do you have what it takes to free yourself from The Darker Side of Edinburgh?

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