Escape game Gold Rush

Company: Escape Rooms Scotland


Balgray Place, Dundee, DD3 8SH ()

+44 7421 995910

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Dundee’s hidden gold mine is a wondrous cave full of enchanting twists and turns, there are regularly scheduled tours which take place with experienced guides. However, seeking a little adventure in your lives, you and your team decide to sneak in and explore it yourselves.

Upon entering the gold mine, you hear a rumble coming from behind you, then all of a sudden there is a terrible crash, an avalanche of rocks has fallen over the entrance, trapping you all inside! One of the guides once told you that if this was to ever happen, there would only be enough air to survive for one hour.

You have 60 minutes to dig, dig, dig your way out and get back to the surface. The clock is ticking…


Flat shoes must be worn in this room.

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