Escape game Pathogen

Company: Doomsday Games

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1st Floor, Global House, Moorside, Colchester CO1 2TJ ()

+44 7908 123077

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The year is 2035. Humankind is on the brink of destruction from a deadly pathogen. The world as we know it was wiped out within a matter of months, leaving the global population at just under 20% of its pre-outbreak state, and the infection rate is increasing rapidly. Humanity is about to disappear… forever.
The last remnants of society have worked tirelessly to trace the spread of the infection. All signs point to an inconspicuous rural location. All previous attempts to gain further information have failed, leading us to believe that the site is most likely contaminated.
Despite these setbacks we still need someone to investigate the site; the mission is too important to give up now. Any attempts to enter the area will certainly lead to exposure and the disease takes hold quickly, which means you won’t have long.
The human race is on the edge of extinction… people are dying… you are our last hope.

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