Escape game Chernobyl Nuclear Meltdown

Company: Escape Entertainment


Knightsbridge Business Centre Knightsbridge Cheltenham GL51 9TA ()

01242 681235

Escape Entertainment Escape Rooms are located in west Cheltenham, just off the A38. If you are travelling via the M5, the closest exits are junction ten southbound or 11A Northbound.

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Based on the events that took place at Chernobyl, in 1986. Reactor 4 has gone into meltdown, and the plant’s water-cooling system has overflowed and is causing a large pool to form under the melting nuclear core. If the water reaches the nuclear core, it will cause a steam explosion, damaging the facility and releasing dangerous nuclear material across the world. You are left with one choice, will your team brave the radioactive facility to save millions? All teams must include an adult over the age of 18 All of our rooms are wheelchair accessible. There are flashing lights and strange noises during the game. All radiation exposure is simulated during this experience. We guarantee that you will not grow any extra limbs!

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