Escape game The Prison Escape

Company: Bristol Escape Rooms

Average Rating:

5.0 / 5

3 reviews


Pithay Studios, All Saints Street, Bristol BS1 2LZ ()


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The year is 1717 and the famous Bristol-born pirate, Blackbeard, is on hard times. He needs to recruit some talent to help him find treasure, but no sailor worth his salt will join him. Blackbeard has resorted to kidnapping and testing smart looking folk.

You awake with a splitting headache and a bump on your head. The last thing you remember is being in that tavern by the docks. You slowly come round and realize you're in a prison on a tropical island.

Blackbeard has left puzzles for you. If you can solve them, find the key and escape before the hourglass runs out, you can join him, experience adventure and gain wealth beyond your wildest dreams. If you fail, the merciless guards will butcher you all.

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