Escape game Eye of Fire

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In 1967 the British Museum sponsored an archaeological dig deep into the Peruvian jungle. The search was on for the legendary Eye of Fire, a huge orange sapphire that formed the centre piece of a statue of Inti, the Inca nation's most important God.

However, after months of intensive searching the dig was abandoned. The team, led by Professor Ethan Fink, reported that despite their best efforts it could not be found. Through the years whispers have told a different story.

Yesterday, suspicion was aroused when a scanned letter was passed to the museum. The note, sent by the professor to his brother in Paris, stated that he did in fact find something!

Is he writing about the Eye of Fire or is it some other artefact?

You and your team, hired by the museum, have 30 minutes to search his room before his brother arrives!

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