Escape room "Crypt-ic"

Company: Escapologic

60 min.
Average Rating: 4.7 (3 reviews)
0115 8374840 21-23 Castle Gate Nottingham NG1 7AQ England

The door creaks closed. In the pale light of your lantern, abandoned skeletons cast terrifying shadows on the walls. Frantically, you open your dusty satchel, praying for answers. Could this be all that remains of legendary explorer Crispin Sheppard, who mysteriously vanished all those years ago?

Rumors of an ancient curse shroud the stones of this pitch-black tomb. You're sure this is where the treasure is buried. But now you're all alone in the dark-and in the cold air of the crypt, something primeval is stirring...

Cryptic was the second Nottingham escape room to take shape in the diabolical mind of our creator! A secretive, mad genius who rarely sees the light, he delved deep into his love of the medieval, the mysterious, and classic adventure to bring you this compelling room.

Macabre, insidious, and packed with surprises, Cryptic is a room that doesn't suffer fools gladly. Take too many wrong turns as you try to puzzle out the solution to its centuries-old mystery, and your bones could be added to the gruesome ornaments littering the barely-visible flagstones...

What are the clues trying to tell you? Do the pitiful remnants of these past explorers have more to say than their empty eyes and bony mouths are letting on? You know you should heed the warnings. You know you should turn back. But now the door has slammed behind you, and the deadly gold-lust is driving you on.

Join the ranks of the treasure-hunters who have passed through its grim portals. Will you take your place as one of the few who have come out again?

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Reviews of escape game "Crypt-ic"

  • Crypt.ic is probably my least favourite escape room at Escapologic; don't let that deter you, as this still makes it incredibly good. The immenseness of it is incredible (or it at least felt massive when you were in there) but a couple of the puzzles were incredibly frustrating, however simple they were. Please still go and experience it though, for the ambience alone.

  • Fan-tas-TICKtockTICKtock! Just a great experience, with a great team of staff and a truly atmospheric underground venue. Our team of three was a good number: we beat one room and thought it was so good we signed up for the next on the spot. Not so lucky second time... If you like any combination of adventure stories, intrigue and fiendish puzzles, with a dash of chill and lashings of atmosphere, look no further than Escapologic. And if you ever wanted to be on the Crystal Maze, get in here now.

  • Today was my second visit to Escapologic and what can I say?? Everything about this place, experience and atmosphere is just perfect for creating some great fun and team building with friends, family and colleagues. The staff are super friendly and I would love to understand how the mastermind creates all the rooms! This is a must go to for everyone looking for some fun and adventure. I'll be back for room 3 Escapologic!!! All Boots D90 friends, I highly recommend this as a team building event!