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Escape Rooms in London is an excellent opportunity for spending time with family and friends. It’s time you escaped the room! Escape rooms is a new popular type of entertainment in London. Here you will find information about the best escape rooms provided by different companies.

Latest escape room reviews

  • Escape game: Sherlock Unlock
    I really wanted to like this room, I did. But it was really not good, sorry guys. We did Chaos but based on my friend's experience the other room Outbreak was also pretty poor. There was no atmosphere setting from the host (very nice guy and perfectly helpful about the admin part of things), we were led into the room and told we had 60 mins. Fine - not a dealbreaker but 10-1=9. There were some interesting looking puzzles in there but so much IKEA furniture with the STICKER ON them it really ruins the game: 9-1=8. There so many red herrings in there (I know we need some, we always do) but when you are basically trying out all 4-digit numbers on every padlock to see if it works then you know there is no such thing as a "flow" when this game was planned. 8-1=7. There are only padlocks in the rooms, nothing else in terms of technical solutions - at some point I felt like this was a 101 in how NOT to do an escape room. 7-1=6. There were no less than 4 padlocks on the door and 2 on the drawers which meant the solving one puzzle didn't give you anything. I get that this kind of game is also for team-building & communication, but in that case please please please get different drawers/boxes/anything with pieces of one puzzle. Putting four different locks on the door is ugly, inelegant and just really not very fun: 6-5=4. There was one really interesting looking puzzle towards the end which we didn't have to crack and still escaped (and left one drawer locked) could that happen? 4-3=2. We didn't just blindly try numbers, I swear (though that would have worked too because padlocks were of really bad quality 2-1=1) which means there the whole room wasn't coherent! I'm really sorry guys, I can see the business case in opening an escape room in Canary Wharf and I really wanted to like it but this was the worst room I have ever done (I've de 12 in 4 cities so far: London, Budapest, Barcelona, Mumbai). Either then price this at £10 complete beginner level or better still - take a break and completely redesign the puzzles. If you are going I guess I have one piece of advice - go with less than 4 people or go alone if you are advanced and try to not look for any logical flow, just solve puzzles, ask for clues (without which there is no way to solve some of them) and move one. So far, any other escape room is better in the London market. Please don't be lazy and stay in the Wharf, just go to any other one. Sorry guys, honest opinion here.


  • Escape game: Questroom
    Our first room escape game. Looking for something to do with two boys aged 12 and 10. Found Questroom through Tripadvisor and went for it as quite local. Friendly welcome. Really clear instructions. Everyone could get involved. The hour flew by. Definitely recommend


  • Escape game: Questroom
    If you've never played an escape room before (and especially if you don't know what one is!) then sign up - you'll have a great time. Search the room, solve puzzles and try to escape in an hour.

    Ken F

  • Escape game: Prohibition Pandemonium
    This was a pre-dinner get together for a bunch of 8 of us and we enjoyed this thoroughly. We opted to do the "prohibition" room that allows upto 10 people Max at any one time to do the puzzle. We definitely found the puzzles to be challenging and even took hints from the "quizmasters"


  • Escape game: Prohibition Pandemonium
    [Based on playing Prohibition Pandemonium] If you've never played an escape room before, then I suspect you'll find this a fun challenge. It's got a nice waiting area both before and after the game, the staff are switched on and the room itself is reasonably well decorated.

    Ken F

  • Escape game: Bank Heist
    This came is open to 10 players so we played with people we'd only just met. There was lots of strong characters in the group and everyone has different ideas on how to solve the puzzles. There was 8 of us in total which was maybe a couple too many.