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Escape Rooms in Glasgow is an excellent opportunity for spending time with family and friends. It’s time you escaped the room! Escape rooms is a new popular type of entertainment in Glasgow. Here you will find information about the best escape rooms provided by different companies.

Latest escape room reviews

  • Escape game: Zombie Quarantine
    The best escape rooms I have been to! Staff are so friendly and great. Will definitely be returning to try out the different rooms they have to offer and would recommend this to anyone of all ages: family, friends, couples etc. Amazing!


  • Escape game: Jail Break
    What a fantastic way to spend a rainy Sunday! My first time in an Escape Room and I had a great time . Didn't know what to expect, now I know I will definitely be back. My other friends will love this also. Thanks so much for the thought and preparation that's gone into this, very very clever guys! You're warm and friendly welcome too!


  • Escape game: Bank Heist
    Loved our escape the room experience tonight! Clues were so well thought out and the staff were so friendly, enthusiastic and happy to provide us with clues when we needed them!! Will be back to try the bank robbery room (and maybe the zombie room!) thanks for a great time!


  • Escape game: Zombie Quarantine
    Brilliant afternoons fun with absolutely fantastic theming - our 2 art students were impressed which says a lot! The puzzles and hints were pitched just right for our group and we all had those "aha" moments when we worked out what needed done to progress. Loved both rooms we tried but the Zombie room deserves a special mention. It was so much fun listening to out friends screaming like little girls when they were in... Would recommend this to everyone. and we'll definitely be back to try the Bank Heist room when it's done


  • Escape game: Bank Heist
    I cannot recommend this enough to anyone that hasn't tried it before. Went there on a first date and it just helped break the ice. We spent the rest of the evening talking about how great an experience it was and that it was something definitely different from the norm. The staff were extremely helpful and patient with us, helping us out when it seemed like we were completely lost. Will definitely be back to try out the other rooms.


  • Escape game: Party Room
    A great place to share a nice moment with friends !