Escape game Contraption

Company: Escapologic (Nottingham)

Average Rating:

5.0 / 5

2 reviews


21-23 Castle Gate Nottingham NG1 7AQ England ()

0115 8374840

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The machinery breathes in the stillness of the laboratory. Bubbles rise in a mysterious green liquid. Cogs tick and gears clank, feasting on the frightened air...

What happened here? Why has the previous occupant of the room left in such a hurry? As your eyes grow used to the dusty light, you make out discarded pieces of arcane mechanisms. There has to be a pattern, a code, something to show you the way...

You’ll need a combination of wits, nerve and inspiration to beat the machine and find your way out. With false steps and wrong turns waiting to confound you, the only way to outwit Contraption is to work together. Use your team’s skills to solve physical and mental puzzles, crack codes and piece together the terrifying secret left behind by the mysterious inventor.

Will you solve the riddle of the fiendish design? Or will the last sound you hear be the cogs of the lock, as they turn and seal you in forever? Join the teams who have tried to defeat Contraption. Many have attempted the challenge. But this room is smart. Some might even say… it’s alive...