Escape game Epi-centre

Company: Escapologic (Nottingham)

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5.0 / 5

3 reviews


21-23 Castle Gate Nottingham NG1 7AQ England ()

0115 8374840

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Alma City has just been hit by an earthquake. There’s panic on the streets. Chaos and devastation. Buildings are collapsing. Fires are raging. People are screaming. Cars are crashing. Your team is the disaster cleanup crew. You have one hour to save billions of pounds of chemical research from the Edward Palamate Institute. Stabilize the systems. Save the priceless chemical sample. Get out before the contents of your cryogenic case disperse and it’s all over.

You can see anarchy playing out as it happens on the Institute’s only surviving TV screen. Live updates flash on screen as the crisis deepens. There isn’t much time. To make things more interesting, one vital item will be in a top secret location. Got an instinct for detection? You’ll need it.

The seconds are slipping away. The computer is talking to you: chemical unstable, please proceed to exit, shutdown in five minutes... The systems are unstable. All the usual commands aren’t working. You’ll have to get creative and look for clues to get them back on. The room holds all the answers; the trick is finding them when time’s tight and the pressure’s on.

Can your team rise to the challenge in the face of devastation or will it be a calamity?