Escape room "Control Room 54"[Closed]

Company: City Mazes

60 min.
Average Rating: 3.5 (2 reviews)
01865 920900 Unit 5 Ozone Leisure Park, Grenoble Road, Oxford OX4 4XP

A brand new business with high expectations has risen quickly in the city. Money is all that is on everyone's minds, and every rival business in the area is desperate for the secrets to the entrepreneur's success. Security is constantly on high alert, and it is near enough impossible for unauthorized personnel to enter the building. Bags have to be checked, emails scanned. The secret to this business is highly classified.

However, police were called to the scene at 3:00 AM. The security door unlocked and computers turned on. No staff, no CCTV. The entire internal system was hacked and shows only a series of cryptic clues, which are suspected to be a distraction while the criminals escape.

You have been hired to disarm the potential terror threat, which the police have informed you, is integrated into the computer system. You must decipher the clues as a team, in order to make your way out safely and save the building.

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