Escape game Ritual

Company: Escape Reality


The Printworks Withy Grove, Manchester M4 2BS ()

+44 161 819 2074

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You and your friends are on holiday in a remote village in Europe. One night you are in a pub and you overhear some of the residents discussing that they have been seeing flickering lights and hearing strange chanting coming from the forest late at night. Believing it might be fun, you and your friends decide to go and have a look.
After a short walk in the forest, you spot a run-down old cabin that stands alone in the cold air. You step inside to find the cabin empty. The door suddenly slams closed behind you and locks, trapping you inside. Mysterious figures in black hoods begin to emerge from the trees. They are all members of a strange cult devoted to bringing a demon back into this world. For this to happen, your sacrifice is required. The ritual will last an hour, you don’t have much time to find a way out…

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