Escape game Roots of Evil

Company: Room Lockdown


3 Bridge Cl Romford RM7 0AU ()

01708 471 710

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What are the roots of evil?
That unique human ability to understand another person's feelings is called empathy. The root of all evil is the absence of empathy. Anything that kills our empathy, makes us evil.
When we can't feel the pain of another human being, we lose all kindness and good sense. This is what happened to a young soul once a resident in this old house!
Many families have tried to live here but they all mysteriously die! The Bedroom where the child once lived remains untouched but the rest of the residence is covered with roots, some believe these are the roots of Hell waiting to swallow the house and all its existence deep into hell! can you uncover the mystery around the story and get out before you end up underground!

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