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PIRACY is escape room #2 in the Epic Escapes Escape Room in a Box (3-in-1).

This one cranks up the heat a little in comparison to CRIME. It has more than a few tricks up its sleeve and ranks as intermediate difficulty.

Here’s the plot:

“A rusty, echoey and old Navy tanker ploughs a lone furrow through the Indian Ocean. You and your crew are finally en route home. The journey? Hong Kong to Bremen, via the Suez Canal. The ship’s cargo and purpose of your voyage? Classified.

The atmosphere here is becoming increasingly fractured and strange. Your Captain holds an emergency meeting on the bridge.

Before anyone has a chance to react, your Captain seals you inside. The ship changes course.

There is a chance of escape...your shrewd ex-Captain built an escape hatch into the bridge.

Can you find it and put an end to this piracy?”

PIRACY turns the intensity up a notch vs our intro escape room CRIME. It’s an intense intermediate-difficulty escape room with a cool nautical theme that our players love.

Add a nautical-themed atmospheric backing track and you’ll feel immersed in the ill-fated bridge at the centre of the plot!

Like all Epic Escapes escape rooms, PIRACY is totally reusable and comes with high-quality puzzles and gadgets that you must interact with to escape. It’s a solid test for both seasoned escape room veterans and novices alike, but we fully recommend that you beat CRIME first.

PIRACY is suitable for players of all ages, there are no adult or explicit themes involved. Like our other escape rooms, PIRACY can be played over and over again which opens up a whole host of exciting opportunities. If you get stuck then don’t worry, we’ve included a series of clue cards to help guide you.

Epic Escapes Escape Room in a Box (3-in-1) is perfect for family fun, games nights or parties.

Do you think you can outwit PIRACY?!
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