Escape game The Taken Room

Company: Escape

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5.0 / 5

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1 St Colme Street Edinburgh EH3 6AA ()


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Our latest room, The Taken Room, will give a new challenge to returning players but is also a perfect introduction to anyone who has not played an escape game before. A rogue policeman called Brian Miller has been obsessed for some time with finding the killer of John Doe and to his eyes the evidence points to you and your friends. Part of your group will be Taken and locked away, meaning you will have two tasks to complete: rescue your friend(s) and escape the room. Although separated, however, the full group will still be able to work together to complete the game. Officer Miller has been cunning in the way he has hidden clues around his somewhat dilapidated room with some impressive gadgetry used along the way. You will need to do some searching and finding in the room as well as the puzzles if you want to Escape. This room is no normal living room – let’s just say it is lacking in some of the comforts of our other rooms - but it is just as much fun!