Escape game Core

Company: Clue HQ

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5.0 / 5

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Arches 20 & 21, Lionel St, Birmingham B3 1AG ()

0333 335 0030

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Atomax, the largest nuclear power plant in the world, is fully automated and operates under the watchful eye of the popular government program “A-I-9”. Upon being announced, the tabloids heralded the plant as ‘a mistake’ claiming it to be ‘the next Chernobyl’. Twelve minutes ago, the temperature of the nuclear core spiked and is now well on its way to initiating a full meltdown. You’re our last hope. Can you cool off the CORE?


In Birmingham, there 3 CORE games (Reactor A, B, and C) meaning groups can play at the same time and race.

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