Escape game The Exit Visa Crisis

Company: 11th Hour Escape Rooms


91 Devizes Rd Bromham Chippenham SN15 2DZ ()

01380 609608

Situated in dedicated offices above the Audi Sales Centre Devizes Road. The 33 (or X33) can be caught in Chippenham (from either the Train Station or the Bus Station) or Devizes and it stops practically right outside our premises (1 min walk down the main road from the stop to our premises) The stop is called : Chittoe Heath (on the main A342. )

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Enter a world of fame and rock and roll!
You are all super fans of the world renowned band, EXIT VISA, the best band in the world!
Sadly a news story has just hit…the band have gone missing, presumed dead, they were travelling in a plane over the Bermuda Triangle, and the plane has gone down…all souls lost!
You are devastated.
The master copy of the album they’d just recorded ‘Crisis’ was also reported to be on-board. You can’t believe it.
In fact you don’t believe it.
What happened to the band? Where is the album? Was it all planned?
You think it’s all a press cover up…
They haven’t found the crash site, they haven’t found the bodies, what’s going on?
Acting as Uber-Fans of the band can you help quash the rumours of the bands untimely demise and escape the room with the answer?
You have 60 minutes inside Exit Visa’s Band HQ to solve the mystery & get out…

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